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Light In The Attic Records

maxresdefaultThe Bay Area punk scene truly began to stimulate in mid ’77, when groups like Crime, the Nuns, the Mutants, and the Avengers began attracting out of control fans to unbelievable setting Mabuhay Gardens. Novak was a Mills College graduate understudy with a foundation in light-in-the-attic-record-store-opening-party-15avant­ garde piece—he’d worked with Robert Moog and John Cage as a student—and access to a 12 ­track recording studio. He began making his own particular rendition of carport ­inspired punk shake. Before the end of ’77, he’d shaped a band, played Mabuhay Gardens five times, began his own particular mark—Dumb Records, and discharged his initial 7″, “RU21.” He did all the designing and creation himself, stuck the 500 covers by hand, and went around by walking to San Francisco record stores attempting to motivate individuals to tune in. Novak met the Nuns’ Alejandro Escovedo at Mabuhay when the Nuns opened up for the Ramones, and wound up recording a three melody demo for the band. Soon after, Novak delivered Crime’s second single, “Dissatisfaction”/”Murder by Guitar.” Gathering force, Novak put out a second 7″, “Goodness Farrah!,” soon thereafter. He went ahead to put out two more Novak singles, furthermore—coming back to his avant­ garde roots—a more test venture called the Survivors, two savage automaton tracks that fuse scary vocal specimens of clique pioneer Jim Jones. Into the mid ’80s Novak widened the Dumb Records index, issuing discharges by nearby groups BOB and Ixna.cropped-new-header6

light-in-the-attic-record-store-opening-party-3This specific sunny day in Madrid in 1997, be that as it may, was to have long lasting results for youthful Matt Sullivan. Beside seeing the totaled Fiat (tin jars, they are), something of much more prominent intrigue quickly got Matt’s attention. The unfortunate auto he had recently hit was filled to the overflow with records―Stooges, Spacemen 3, Suicide, Love, Monks, MC5―in different words, REALLY GOOD records. Matt acquainted himself with his unwilling yet pleasant “crash mate,” Iñigo Pastor, who coincidentally owned the stellar Spanish marks Vampi Soul and Munster Records. The stun of the mishap all of a sudden took a famous secondary lounge in the plan of things as the two instantly talked music. Inside an evening’s opportunity, a transoceanic bond in light of the affection for music was shaped.

light-in-the-attic-record-store-opening-party-4Matt promptly dumped his arrangements for whatever is left of his European stay and soon started outdoors at the Vampi/Munster base camp in Madrid. In spite of the fact that Matt and LITA co-proprietor Josh Wright’s adoration for music started at their secondary school radio station, KASB, route in ’93, in Spain, Matt could see firsthand the genuine BUSINESS of putting out records. He soon found that the excite of finding a departed pearl and reissuing it to an appreciative open was frequently tempered by the more nefarious side of the music business―endless unpaid requests, flaky specialists, and dangers of claims from bunch tricksters and cheats. Be that as it may, Matt stayed undaunted and, with direction from his Spanish tutors, started making more solid arrangements for his very own record name.